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So tired...

I got SOOO much work done today.

Bought and installed a new anti-virus.   McAfee had expired and started bugging me every 5 minutes to renew my subscription.  When I disabled their reminder, it re-enabled itself!  Screw that!   I tried the free version of AVG, but it has such a horrible interface.   I finally found Computer Associates eTrust Anti-Virus for a mere $20.  A LOT cheaper than most of the other brands ($40-50)

Bought and installed a new version of Microsoft Money.  Got $40 worth of rebates on it!  But when I installed it, it couldn't open my old data file.  I tried calling Microsoft's tech support (a long distance number), and got someone who could barely understand English.  Whee.  Got annoyed and just hung up on them.  I finally figured out how to fix the problem (you have to create a new file, then you can get to the menu that lets you repair files, you can't do that from the login screen.   Stupid!)  Could be worse.   I could have bought Quicken.  Intuit's tech support is even worse than Microsoft.   :P

Repotted a large potted plant in front of the house.  Hopefully it will bloom again next year and attract the hummingbirds again.

Replaced several of the old outdoor light fixtures with automated sensor lamps.  The old ones were rusty and had been painted over.  Spent several hours perched precariously on a ladder trying to take one of them down.  But they work great now!

Bought some "weed & feed" and a spreader.  Didn't have time to apply anything yet, I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Made some italian sausage and penne pasta with marinara sauce for dinner, and a chocolate cherry cake for dessert.   Woo!

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