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Deer and trains

Deer!  There's a field near here where I've seen deer fairly often, but usually I either don't have my camera, or there's someone right on my rear bumper so I can't safely pull over.  (And usually when I do have my camera, there's no deer).  These were taken at a range of about 1/2 mile and at about 7 p.m., that's why they're kind of grainy.

Parked on a siding in Louisville, NE, a Herzog Multi-Purpose Machine (MPM).  It consists of 6 flatbed cars, each with rails across the top.  At the far end is the engine, at the near end is a cab and a backhoe mounted on rails.  The backhoe can traverse the flatbed cars to pick up materials such as rails or ties carried on the cars.

Parked behind the MPM was another train.  The graffiti on this car caught my eye.  I'm not sure what's up with the little Pac-Man ghosts.  The quote in red seems a bit out of place.

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