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Comment on this and I will give you a letter of your own. You then need to list 10 things you LOVE that start with that letter. Then post this in your Journal and give out your own letters.

brombear gave me the letter "T".

Technology I love everything having to do with computers No tool has had as important an impact on mankind as the computer. All other tools were merely designed to enhance a man's strength, speed or stamina, but the computer was the first tool to enhance his brain. I'm surrounded by electronic devices.

Tolkien My favorite book is the Silmarillion. No, really.

Tea I've never really been all that keen on coffee, but I love tea. It's also really good for you; it may help prevent cancer, diabetes and possibly even HIV, it reduces stress, boosts the immune system, fights bad breath, and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

TaleSpin One of my favorite cartoons, second only after the Rescue Rangers.

Taxonomy The science of classification. Linnaean taxonomy is quite intriguing, how every living thing can be arranged neatly into groups.

Tomorrowland My favorite part of Disneyland growing up. One of my favorite rides was Mission to Mars. I don't really care much for what they've done with Tomorrowland lately, though.

Tron This movie has some of the coolest special effects.

Theobroma cacao Chocolate! Who doesn't love it? And dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants.

Tesla An amazing genius who developed inventions and theories that were truly ahead of their time, like particle beam weapons, teleportation, thought photography and free energy.  You can thank Tesla for the alternating current that powers virtually everything.

Topology An offshoot of geometry, but while geometry deals with distances between points, topology is concerned with how a shape is assembled. For instance, one could reshape a donut into a coffee cup without breaking the hole; they are considered homeomorphic. Topology studies all kind of interesting things like Möbius strips, Klein bottles and trefoil knots.
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