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Wii Music is for the dogs

I picked up Wii Music today.  A lot of critics are calling it a Fisher-Price Guitar Hero, and indeed it can be, but it does have potential to make some really interesting music.  Unlike Guitar Hero/Rock Band, where you have to play a song exactly as it was originally recorded, Wii Music lets you adlib, adding or skipping notes, changing the rhythm or use a totally different instrument, and you can even improvise your own music.  It's really a totally different class of game from GH or RB.

Among the dozens of instruments available is one called the Dog Suit, which puts a dog fursuit on your Mii and makes you bark like a dog.  I was playing around with this, improvising a little tune.  My roommate's dog kept tilting her head looking kind of puzzled.  Then she went over to one of the TV speakers and started sniffing at it.  I laughed.

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