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New world's record in golf

I played my first round of golf today, at a course with the awe-inspiring name of "Grandpa's Woods Golf Course".  Yeah, that's one you'll see on the PGA Tour.  It's a really small 9 hole course, 1608 yards off the white tees and par 30.

I shot a 67.  Which would be great on an 18 hole course, but is terrible on a 9 hole.  That's 37 over par, or an average of 4 over par per hole.

I got off to a pretty bad start, I flubbed the first tee shot and it only went about 50 yards.  I sliced my second shot completely off the course.  That's a one stroke penalty.  I finally managed to finish the hole with a total of 9 strokes, 5 over par.

The second hole is the longest on the course, and I just could not hit the ball at all.  It actually took me 12 strokes to hole out, 8 over par.  Ouch.

I started having better luck, shooting 4 over par on the 3rd hole, a triple bogey on the 4th, and a double bogey on the fifth.

Then came the 6th hole, a par 3 that requires shooting over a creek.  I was really nervous, but I actually managed to land the ball on the green with my tee shot!  My first GIR!  I was near the edge of the green, still a good distance from the hole, however.  My first putt was perfectly straight, but too hard, it hopped over the hole.  My second putt came up short, so I had to take a third to hole out.  Still, it was a mere bogey!

Unfortunately things went rapidly downhill from there.  The 7th hole is a par 4 with a long tee shot over the water.  I managed to send all 7 of my remaining golf balls into the drink or onto the unreachable island.  I headed back to the clubhouse to buy some replacement balls.  I asked for some advice on that hole, and they recommended I try the ladies tee, which I hadn't seen before.  It didn't cross as much water.  I started over from the ladies tee and still managed to only get 5 over par.

I did a bit better on the 8th hole, with a triple bogey.  I was getting really tired by then, and managed to totally botch the 9th hole, mostly through bad chipping and putting; I ended up with 6 over par.
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