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Over a month ago, I preordered a 64GB Solid State Drive for my Dell Mini 9 netbook.  It finally arrived today!  Now I have tons of space on this thing!

The version of Ubuntu Linux that Dell provided was all kinds of broken, so with the new drive, I started out with a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).  Just a plain vanilla install managed to get almost everything working, the Bluetooth, the WiFi, even the webcam (which is more than I could say for Dell's Crapuntu).  It also recognizes all 2 Gigs of RAM I have installed, Dell's version couldn't.  The only thing that didn't work was the sound, but that just required adding a single line to a configuration file.

I've still got tons of stuff to install on this machine.  I need to get it to automatically recognize my Bluetooth mouse, I need to tether my cellphone to it for mobile Internet access, I need to set up e-mail, IM, Skype and FurryMUCK, and then I have to do all the various program tweaks and stuff that I always do.
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