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My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right

The temperature got into the low 50's today, so I hit Grampa's Woods Golf Course. I guess I have a greater tolerance for cold than most; the course was completely empty.

I managed to score a 57 this time, 7 strokes better than last time. That's still 27 over par, an average of triple bogey on each hole. My driving was much better today, and my putting was much worse. The greens on this course are insanely fast, the slightest tap sends the ball sailing across.

I got my first par today, on the 1st hole too, a hole which I hadn't been able to do better than 5-over until today. I started out with my driver and I connected perfectly; the ball went sailing almost straight down the fairway. From there I pulled out my 5 wood and connected perfectly again. Too well, I thought, as I lost sight of the ball as it sailed past the green. I was afraid I'd hit it out of bounds, but I was pleased to find the ball lying just a yard off the green. I used my chipper to get the ball onto the green and about 3 feet from the cup. A single putt was all it took. I felt like dancing around the green.

I also did fairly well on the 7th hole. I teed up with a driver, and hit the ball to within 5 feet of the green. I reached for my chipper, but couldn't find it. I'd lost it somewhere along the way. I had to use my 64° lob wedge and I got bit by the fast green again; the ball sailed right across and off the far side. I tried putting from the fringe, and managed to send the ball sailing all the way across again. 2 more putts and I finally holed the ball for a bogey.

There were two people playing behind me, so I took a break on the 8th hole so they could play through and so I could ask them if they'd seen my missing chipper. It turned out they were the greenskeepers, and they hadn't seen anything. They invited me to join them for the last two holes, and they gave me some advice on how I was holding the club wrong. After we finished the last hole, one of them went and got a cart and we went searching for my missing club (I'd set it down on the 4th hole). We also found the glove that I'd dropped at the 7th hole.

1 par, 1 bogey, 1 double bogey, 2 triple bogeys.

HoleYards Handicap Par 10/31/0811/19/0811/24/08
Totals1558 30676457

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