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I let the dogs out to do their business tonight.  I always keep an eye on them so they don't get into mischief.  I carry an insanely bright flashlight that can illuminate the entire property, and I carry my spare 6-iron in case I need to separate the dogs or break up the ice in the water buckets. 

As soon as I stepped out the door, the flashlight beam lit up a pair of eyes just outside the fence.  The dogs raced towards the fence barking madly, and something outside the fence started running.  I followed it with my flashlight and was able to make out that it was a coyote!  I could see more eyes in the woods.  In theory, the coyotes shouldn't be able to get through the fence, but I didn't want to take any chances.  A 6-iron wasn't going to cut it, so I left the dogs to guard the fenceline while I ran back inside to get the Judge, my .45LC/.410 revolver.  I loaded it up with shotshells, which I figured would be more effective against a swiftly moving target.

I ran back outside and over to where the dogs were pacing in front of the fence.  I could hear a coyote nearby, but I couldn't see it and I wasn't about to fire blindly into the woods, so all I could do was stand there listening to the dogs and coyotes trade insults.  Eventually the coyotes stopped replying and I heard a lot of distressed mooing coming from the neighbor's cows.

The sheep are apparently unfazed by the whole thing.  I hope the wild rabbits are OK, since they tend to live outside the fence. 
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