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Practice makes perfect. I need lots of practice.

The weather was nice today, with temps in the 50's, so I wanted to golf, but I needed to do some shopping.  I decided I'd try the Plattsmouth Country Club, since it's not far from the grocery store.  Unfortunately I found when I got there that they are closed for the season.  So I went to my second option, Bay Hills Golf Club.

I was just going to buy a bucket of balls and hit the driving range, but the guy in the clubhouse said they had discounted rates during the winter.  18 holes usually runs $30 including a cart, but now it's just $20.  I figured what the heck, I'll try that instead.

Bay Hills is a real golf course, 18 holes, par 72, 6028 yards off the white tees.  And I just stunk today.  I've still got a wicked slice, and I am still have trouble hitting with the woods.  I also have almost no range whatsoever; my best drive is only about 150 yards.  That's short even for the ladies!

My best hole was #5, which is the second hardest on the course.  I actually managed to keep the ball in the fairway.  I finished that hole with triple bogey.  My worst hole was #6, a par 5 monster that's the second longest hole on the course, 389 yards off the red tees.  I couldn't seem to hit the damn ball more than 50 yards at a time on that hole.  It took sixteen strokes to hole out.  Argh!

I started playing at about 2:00, but it was starting to get dark by the time I reached the 9th hole.  Most people would have finished the entire course by then.  I gave up and returned to the clubhouse.  The guy gave me back the difference in price between a 9 hole game and 18.  That was nice of them.

I ended up scoring an 84 on 9 holes, par 36.  That's 48 over par, or more than 5 over per hole average.  I made 3 triple bogeys.

I can't give up though.  This was only my 4th ever round, and my first on a regulation course.  Things can only improve!

 2343 3584
I'm not sure of the actual distances, since the usual tees had been removed and they were using temporary teeing areas.  I'm listing the red tee distances and handicaps here.

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