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Chuck Mii Out

The Wii has a feature called the Check Mii Out Channel, which has contests to see who can design the best Mii (avatar) for a certain theme (wicked witch, surfer dude, soccer mom, etc) or a specific person (Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespere, King Arthur, etc).  And more often than not, the entries are really, really bad.

The current contest being judged is Benjamin Franklin.  You have to go through the user-submitted entries, ten at a time, and select the three that best match.  And they are just absolutely awful.  I'm going through page after page of Miis and it appears nobody has any concept of what Ben Franklin looks like.  Ben Franklin is not black.  Ben Franklin is not Asian.  Ben Franklin is not female.  Ben Franklin is not complely bald.  Ben Franklin does not have dreadlocks.  Ben Franklin does not have pigtails.  I had to look through hundreds of entries to find 3 that were close.

When there are so many bad entries, I have to wonder why I even bother trying to judge the contests.

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