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Sugar Frosted Mini Sheep!

There's less grass in the winter, so we buy various kinds of grains and kibble for our sheep, in addition to alfalfa.  On my last shopping run, I bought a bag labeled "Molasses Feed".  I assumed it was like the usual Sweet Feed that we buy, basically food pellets coated with molasses.  Nope.  This stuff is molasses.  Pure, dried molasses.  Nothing else.  And damn but it smells good to me!  I even went so far as to taste it; yep, it's molasses.  The sheep are gonna love the stuff.  It's like candy to them.

Trivia:  Although they are closely related, sheep cannot eat the same feed as goats.  Sheep are very sensitive to copper; the amount that goats require can be fatal to sheep.  Goats can eat sheep feed, but will require a copper supplement.

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