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Ice sandwich

There was still an inch or two of snow on the ground last night when the freezing rain began.  We got about a 1/2 inch of ice, followed by about an inch of snow, so there was a sandwich of snow, ice, snow.  Walking on it was a bit tricky; as soon as you put your foot down on what looked like the surface, the ice would collapse with a loud crunch and your foot would keep going.  It was also rather slippery if you weren't careful.  When I let the dogs out this morning, both of them fell down as they ran out the door.

The ice also played havoc with our front gate. my SO insisted on going to work, so I offered to open the gate for him so he wouldn't need to stop (once you stop on ice, it's hard to get going again).  But the latch and guide wheels had frozen solid with a layer of ice, so I had to stand out in the cold and dark chipping away the ice and then manhandling the gate to break it free.  I left the gate open and locked the sheep in the barn so our other roommate could also leave for work without needing to stop.  I'll probably leave the gate open all day so they can return without a problem.

Shoveling ice off the walkways is a lot harder than shoveling snow.

I have to go out and check on the sheepies.  With the barn door and barnyard gate closed, their only source of water is a heated bucket inside the barn, which I have to keep topped off. 
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