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Music Machine

Sometimes Sam's Club or Costco has an absolutely unbelievable price on something. 

I was looking for a speaker system for my new iPod, so I could listen to MP3's without headphones and without using my computer.  Sam's Club had an iPod Anywhere Accessory Kit for $112.  It includes a radio remote which lets you listen to FM radio on your iPod, a USB power adaptor, a USB dock cable, a set of earbuds and a JBL On Stage II speaker system.

The JBL system is a plastic and metal donut about 6 inches across.  For something this small and this inexpensive, I was expecting mediocre sound.  But when I hooked it up, I was blown away.  It sounds fantastic with nice, deep bass.  It also has a dock pass-through so I can sync with my computer.

I was curious about how much this stuff would cost seperately, so I hit the Apple Store.  The radio remote normally costs $49, the USB charger $29, a dock cable $19.  But the real surprise was the JBL speakers.  They normally retail for $200!  Wow!



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Dec. 28th, 2008 05:44 am (UTC)
It's JBL, they're awesome for home stuff, and subs for car audio.
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