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Chicken Noodle Soup

Start by pouring 1 gallon of water into a large stock pot and put it on high heat.

Add 8 tablespoons of Knorr Caldo con sabor de Pollo (chicken bouillon), available at Sam's Club, $10 for a 4-1/2 pound bucket that makes 20 gallons of bouillon.  You can use any brand you like, just adjust the amount of bouillon cubes/powder to suit the amount of water.  You could use 1 gallon of canned chicken stock, and it will taste better, but it also costs a lot more.

To this add about 1/2 tsp of fresh ground black pepper, 1 tsp of garlic powder (fresh garlic, minced, would be much better), 1/2 tsp of BaconSalt (optional) and 1/2 tsp of Tabasco sauce.  Measurements are approximate, always season to taste.

Once the broth is at a good rolling boil, add 5 or 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Bring back to a boil then cook them in a rolling boil for 10 minutes if they're thawed, 15 if frozen.  Reduce heat, carefully remove the breasts and set them aside.

To the broth, add 2 cups of chopped carrots and 2 cups of chopped celery.  Return to a boil.

Melt half a stick of butter, then saute 4 cups of chopped onions until translucent.  Add onions and about 1/4 cup of dried parsley (or 1 cup fresh parsley, finely chopped) to the soup.  Cook for about 5 minutes.

Slice the cooked chicken breasts into bite-size pieces.  Add the chicken back to the soup and simmer for about 1 hour.  You can continue if you're ready to eat, or let the soup cool, refridgerate and serve another day.

Just before you're ready to serve, bring the soup to a boil then add 1 pound of pasta.  Cook for 3/4 the time recommended on the package.  Serve immediately.
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