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Chocolate reviews, part 2

The Tea Room 58% Dark Chocolate Green Earl Grey Tea

This chocolate bar was rather disappointing.  The Earl Grey tea flavor was so slight, I could just barely taste it.  If I didn't read on the package that it was supposed to be Earl Grey, I'd have never noticed it at all.  If I'm paying this much for a novelty flavored chocolate, I expect to actually taste the flavor.

The Tea Room 30% White Chocolate Chamomile & Honey

Another disappointment.  The flavor of chamomile or honey was noticeably absent.  What I did taste, however, was a very slight rancid milk flavor.  Ick.

World Market 64% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

This was a bit unusual.  When you bit into the bar, you'd taste chocolate at first, but then you'd hit a crystal or two of salt and you'd get a sudden burst of saltiness.  It's not unpleasant, but definitely an unusual sensation.  Despite the salty flavor, a single serving (1/2 the bar) contains only 125 mg (5% DV) of sodium; the other chocolate bars I have list from 5 to 60 mg.

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