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It's like a huge, meaty pop tart

A couple weeks back when the water was out, I stopped at Costco to pick up a couple quick, minimal prep/cookware dinners.  One of them was a box of 2 Kirkland/Martha Stewart chicken slab pies.  (A slab pie is like a pot pie, but instead of being in a pie tin, they're flat and kind of look like a huge, meaty pop tart.)   The water issue was fixed, so I never got around to fixing them then.  I figured I'd fix them tonight so I could make some space in the freezer.

These pies are fantastic.  The absolute best meat pie I have ever tasted.  It's made with all-natural ingredients like real butter, leeks and shallots, with no partially hydrogenated chemicals or artificial anything.  The chicken was moist and tender, the crust was flaky, and the vegetables perfect.

The only down side is the fat.  One pie has 1100 calories, 98% of your daily allowance of fat, 94% of your cholesterol and a whopping 190% of your DV of saturated fat.  It also has 58% of your day's sodium.  Yikes.  That's what you get when the second ingredient on the list is butter.

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