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Home again, Home again.

I woke up at 5 am, just in time to see badjahsensei  off.  I decided to go ahead and head out and started packing up the car.   I noticed there were a disproportionately large number of Wimpalas in the parking lot (at least 4 that I saw).  Only one other Caprice, an older "boxy" wagon.

I checked out of the hotel and hit the road at about 5:40.  I was making pretty good time, and keeping to a steady 75 MPH, until I started through the mountains on the 152.   At about the 700 foot level, the fog started rolling in, and at 1000 feet, it was down to less than 100 feet visibility.   I saw a bunch of cars and trucks had pulled over to wait out the fog, but there was a car ahead of me, so I stuck behind it, driving slowly as possible while keeping its taillights in view.  The fog didn't clear until I was nearly in Santa Nella.

The trip down I-5 was pretty uneventful, other than seeing the CHP on the side of the road arresting someone about 40 miles out of Bakersfield.

I got a few miles south of Bakersfield, and decided to check the traffic reports.   Good thing I did, the I-5 was down to a single lane around Gorman, and they were experiencing 90 minute delays!  I hopped over to the 99 and backtracked to Arvin and took the 223 to the 58, through Tehachipi, then took the 14 through Mohave and through Antelope Valley.  Unfortunately, there were lots of idiot drivers, so that ended up taking almost 90 minutes.

Best of all, I managed to make the trip using just the cash in my wallet, no need to dip into my perilously empty checking account.

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