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A piece of tail

Our roommate has a Great Dane.  Danes have long, powerful, whip-like tails.  When she gets excited, she starts flailing her tail around like a mad dog, bashing it against anything unfortunate enough to be behind her.   Consequently, she keeps banging it into something sharp, possibly the edge of a door, and injures it.  Then she runs around, banging her bloody tail all over the furniture, walls, appliances, etc, until the house looks like Sharon Tate's.

We've tried bandaging the tail, but she or the other dog either pull off the bandage or it falls off.  We've tried duct-taping the bandage on, but that was nearly impossible to remove and just made things worse.  We've tried duct-taping a sock to her tail, which slows it down, but she manages to pull the sock off.  We've taken her to the vet, but he just gave us a roll of adhesive bandaging.

Anyone have any ideas on what we can do to keep the tail bandaged that still allows it to be changed regularly, slow down her tail to prevent it from hitting so hard or cushion her tail in case she does hit it against something?
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