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It just keeps getting better....

After speaking to the county assessor's office, they said they would send me the paperwork to file for an exemption to the tax increase, however, this will take up to 12 weeks to process, and the tax MUST be paid by the due date on the bill, regardless of whether an exemption is filed or approved. Fortunately only half of the bill is due at the end of February, however that's going to require more than one paycheck to cover. Looks like it's ramen and rice for the next month and a half. And after that, I have an approxametely $2000 income tax bill due April 15th. Hopefully the exemption will be approved, or else I'll have to fork over ANOTHER $1000 by the end of June.

If an when the exemption is approved, I'll be able to file for a refund. Naturally, I won't see a dime of interest on it.

Just when I think I've got it made, and life is going to be easier from now on, something steps in to screw with me.
Tags: annoyances, money

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