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Obscure music & cities of gold

I finally managed to download a copy of the album Tin Tin by the group, err...  Tin Tin.  My roommate has their second album, Astral Taxi, as an LP, and I had found an MP3 version of it a couple months ago, but I was having trouble finding their first album.   Astral Taxi was fairly easy to Google for, but searching for "Tin Tin" yields mostly dogs and French comic books.  Neither was ever released as a CD; both of these MP3 albums are rips from the original vinyl.    FUCK YOU RIAA

Here is one of the songs from the album, and probably their biggest hit:  Toast and Marmalade for Tea

And going from obscure music to (semi) obscure cartoons, The Mysterious Cities of Gold is FINALLY being released on DVD!  I managed to catch the entire thing on Nickelodeon some 20 years ago or so (but I never saw more than a couple episodes of Sparticus and the Sun Beneath the Sea).  I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon.

Tags: cartoons, music, nostalgia

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