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Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

My grandparents always had several orange trees on their property, since long before I was born.  Several varieties, too, such as Navel, Valencia, Mandarin and Tangerine.  The trees did extremely well in the climate of Southern California and under my grandfather's green thumb.  There was always more fruit than we (and our neighbors) could eat.  Chances are my first solid food as an infant was an orange from one of their trees.

I have really missed having an unlimited supply of citrus.   While shopping at Costco today, one of the sample vendors was giving out California navel orange slices.  I took one bite, ran over and grabbed a whole case.  When I got home, I peeled one, bit into it and practically orgasmed right there. They were just so fantastic,  I ate almost a half dozen oranges in one sitting. 

:  A mutation in a single orange tree in 1820 created the first navel orange.  Since they are seedless, the only way to propagate them is by cutting and grafting, basically making every navel orange tree a clone.  When you eat a navel orange, you are essentially eating the fruit from that original 190 year old tree.
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