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Pan-fried tilapia and Dubliner gnocchi ala Costco

Everything in this meal was purchased at Costco, except the Gnocchi and the Tilapia, which were bought from Sam's Club (but they're probably available from Costco).

Pan-fried Tilapia:

Thaw 4 frozen tilapia fillets, then season with salt and herbal seafood rub.  Melt half a sick of butter in a skillet, then add an equal amount of olive oil.  Fry the fish for 3 minutes on each side then remove from the skillet.  Save the butter/oil mixture.

Dubliner Gnocchi:

Prepare 1 package of gnocchi according to the stovetop package directions.  After draining the water, return them to the pan, add the fish butter/oil mixture and toss to coat thoroughly.  Spoon onto serving plate and sprinkle freshly grated Dubliner cheese over the top.

Normandy Vegetables:

Just cook according to directions.
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