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Stop bugging me!

I stepped outside this evening and saw a cloud of mosquitoes.  Yikes.  So I plugged in the bug zapper.  Nothing happened.  It's dead.

And so is the Nosquito bug sucker in the living room.  Dammit.

I placed an order from Amazon for a Flowtron 80-Watt bug zapper.  It's twice the power of the old Stinger unit, covers 50% more area (1.5 acres) and the electric grid is designed to not clog up, a real problem I had with the Stinger.

I hope it gets here soon.  It's supposed to be cold the next few days, so hopefully that will help keep the bugs down for a bit, however it's also extremely damp; as soon as the weather warms up it's gonna be bug city out there.

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