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Guess what? More bunnies!

Angry Bunny is angry.

Bunny backside

Something has this rabbit's attention

This rabbit has a third eye.  Or it's Hindu.

This little guy let me get closer than any other bunny so far.  I got to within 4 feet and didn't try to press my luck any further.  I guess he felt safe because he was standing right in front of a fence and some dense grass.

Oops, got too close.

There were SOOOOO many bunnies out this afternoon.  I counted a dozen in all, mostly little ones but a few older rabbits watching over them.  The young ones are a bit more fearless than the adults.

I'm beginning to recognize specific rabbits.  From a distance, they all look the same, but up close, you can see little differences in fur patterns, tail shape and ear markings.  So far I can recognize Notched Ear, Nibbled Ear, Third Eye and Angry Bunny.
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