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Bunny tragedy narrowly averted

This afternoon, I let the roommate's dogs out to do their business as usual.  A baby rabbit suddenly darted out of the tall grass near the house, right in the direction of the Dane, who scooped up the poor bunny in her mouth.  I started yelling at her and brandishing my golf club and she quickly dropped the rabbit.  I chased the dogs away and turned my attention to the bunny.  It was still alive, but it looked like it was having trouble getting around.

Initially I thought it might have had a broken leg, so I scooped it up and brought it inside.  My SO and I examined the bunny, and its leg appeared to be OK.  He says I shouldn't have messed with it, but I honestly thought the poor thing had a broken leg and I didn't want to leave it outside like that.  I guess it was just freaked out and panicking.

We locked the dogs in the other side of the house, then I took the rabbit outside again.  I sat it down near a small pile of sheep snacks, but it just sat there, totally tharn.  I took the opportunity to get a few more closeup photos, which probably didn't help the poor bunny's psyche.  Then I backed off but kept an eye on the bunny.  After a few minutes, it regained its senses and hopped off into the brush.  I do hope it's OK.

The whole thing had me terribly stressed; I wasn't feeling too great for an hour or so afterwards.  I wanted to get closer to the bunnies, but not like that.

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