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Bunny tragedy narrowly averted

This afternoon, I let the roommate's dogs out to do their business as usual.  A baby rabbit suddenly darted out of the tall grass near the house, right in the direction of the Dane, who scooped up the poor bunny in her mouth.  I started yelling at her and brandishing my golf club and she quickly dropped the rabbit.  I chased the dogs away and turned my attention to the bunny.  It was still alive, but it looked like it was having trouble getting around.

Initially I thought it might have had a broken leg, so I scooped it up and brought it inside.  My SO and I examined the bunny, and its leg appeared to be OK.  He says I shouldn't have messed with it, but I honestly thought the poor thing had a broken leg and I didn't want to leave it outside like that.  I guess it was just freaked out and panicking.

We locked the dogs in the other side of the house, then I took the rabbit outside again.  I sat it down near a small pile of sheep snacks, but it just sat there, totally tharn.  I took the opportunity to get a few more closeup photos, which probably didn't help the poor bunny's psyche.  Then I backed off but kept an eye on the bunny.  After a few minutes, it regained its senses and hopped off into the brush.  I do hope it's OK.

The whole thing had me terribly stressed; I wasn't feeling too great for an hour or so afterwards.  I wanted to get closer to the bunnies, but not like that.


Jun. 6th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
There are lots of rabbits around here and they seem to be unusually patient with me. I'd like to photograph some of the other wildlife around here, but the squirrels and field mice are too skittish, the coyotes, possums and raccoons usually only come out at night, the deer and turkeys don't get close enough to the house, and the pheasants and other game birds are too flighty.

As we're getting into summer, I'll probably be getting more insect photos. There was an interesting looking butterfly that landed just outside the front door this morning, but by the time I pulled out my camera, it took off again.