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My SO came in this afternoon worried about the goats.  He thought the white goat, Buttercup, looked terribly scrawny.  This made no sense to me, since they seemed quite well fed when I handled them yesterday.

He went back outside again, and came running back.  That wasn't a goat he'd seen, it was a baby sheep!  It looked all scrawny because it had just been born!  Our ewe Gertrude had just given birth!

Usually sheep have twins, so I figured there had to be another lamb somewhere, so we went back outside.  Sure enough, we soon found another baby sheep!  Gertrude looks happy and the lambs are feeding.

I noticed that Gertrude's udder looked kind of full yesterday, but as I've not spent much time looking at sheep udders, I thought it was normal.  Obviously it's not, it was because she was pregnant.  She looks so much thinner now.

The baby sheep are soooooooo tiny.  The microgoats are twice their size.  They also have cute long tails which they wag like a dog.  I took some photos, but I need to develop them and I'm not sure they'll come out.  It's fairly dark inside the barn and I didn't want to disturb the happy family with a flash.

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