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Mexican Coke at Costco!

While shopping at Costco today, I discovered they had Mexican Coca-Cola, made with real sugar instead of the usual high-fructose corn syrup used in American Coke.  They were asking $18.50 for a 24 pack of 355ml (12oz) glass bottles.  That's about 77 cents a bottle.  HyVee wanted $1.70 per bottle and Pop the Soda Shop charges $1.49 each, so that's a real bargain.

Yes, there is a major difference in flavor.  It's not as harsh as regular Coke, and it seems a bit sweeter too, almost like RC.  I'm normally not a bit Coke fan; I rank it third behind RC and Pepsi (and below some generics colas!), but this version is MUCH better.

I haven't found anyone around here who carried Pepsi Throwback, a sugar-sweetened version of Pepsi.  Apparently it was only a limited time thing, so I guess I'll never find it.

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