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As always, clicky for full size.

Creative sign outside the Louisville Art Gallery.

I don't think this coal chute is going to do much good.  The date stamped on it reads 1927.  The sidewalk is obviously much higher now than it was in the past.

Any ideas what this might have once been for?  It's clearly been there a long time.  It appears that you are supposed to fit a crank to it and it would turn the ratcheting mechanism above.  Beyond that, I have no idea.   It was manufactured by Wolf Bros & Co of Omaha.

EDIT:  After a bit of Googling, I found an entry in the 1890 U.P.R.R. Gazetteer for Wolf Bros, indicating they manufactured "awnings, tents, drop curtains, wagon and seat covers, tarpaulins, umbrella, etc", so this was probably for raising and lowering an awning.

Birds on a wire

I left the garage door open for a while.  When I closed it this afternoon, I found this frog hanging on the side of the wall underneath where the door had been.  I guess it was nice and cool under there.

Sheep & Goats!  The goats have gotten big enough they can't easily fit through the fence anymore, but more importantly, they've learned that the barn is their home and a place of safety.  They're extremely curious and have to explore everywhere, but they also startle easily and the slightest thing will set them running for the barn door.

Crop duster, heading this way.

Look out!  Incoming!

There are several of these around here.  The individual flowers are quite small, but they make a cluster about 6-9 inches across.

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