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Good gnus for a change...

I stopped by the county assessor's office today, and learned that the reassessment exemption paperwork has to be filled out and signed by the estate trustee, my aunt, and is pretty much a given (the county considers the estate trustee as the "owner", and parent-child transfers are exempt from reassesment under Prop 13). After talking to her, she agreed to use the estate funds to pay the tax bill, which will be refunded after the paperwork is processed (It takes 12 weeks to process, the taxes are due in 5 weeks, and is due then regardless of paperwork).

I'll still need to be careful with my funds for the next few months, because of the massive 15% self-employment tax due April 15th, but I have 7 paychecks to come up with $2000, instead of needing to come up with $3000.
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