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Coupon spree!

After spending all day yesterday sitting in the Toyota dealership waiting for my roommate's car (which was just supposed to get an oil change but ended up needing new brakes), I went out again today to finish my shopping.  I had a ton of coupons and got some pretty good deals.

First I hit Petco for a free pound of dog treats with a coupon I got for being a Petco PALS member.  Yay.

I then went to Borders and bought two books, The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrún by J.R.R. (and Christopher) Tolkien and The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  Borders (and Waldenbooks) has a deal where if you buy $50 worth of books by July 27th, you get a free backpack worth at least $20, no coupon required.  The pack I got was normally priced at $25.  And for every $50 you spend by the end of the month, you get a $5 Borders Bucks gift certificate by mail.  Score!  They also have a Buy 4, Get the 5th Book Free promotion through July 27th, but I didn't see anything else I really had to have.

Then I picked up the hardcover version of Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 from a local comic shop.  Great comic, I highly recommend it.  No coupons or discounts on this purchase, though.

And finally I stopped in at Worst Buy and bought Tiger Woods 10 with the WiiMotionPlus dongle.  I had a $5 gift certificate, buying the bundle saves $10 over buying the game and dongle separately, and it comes with a certificate for a free year of Golf Digest worth $10.  I may try selling my copy of Tiger Woods 09 to GameStop or somesuch, if they give me a decent price.

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