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Roommate had guests last weekend so I went into town today to do the shopping.  My gas gauge was reading extremely low, but the idiot light had not come on yet.  Last time I ran low on gas, I still had 1-1/2 gallons when the light came on.  In addition, the trip meter, which I always reset every time I buy gas, was reading 350 miles and I can normally get about 450 miles on a single tank.  So I went ahead and passed gas station after gas station, thinking I was fine.  Wrong!

I was about 2-1/2 miles from the Costco station when the engine started sputtering, then died.  I managed to dead-stick into the Boys Town post office parking lot.  A 4500 pound Caprice with extra-wide performance tires and no power steering is an absolute BITCH to drive. 

I called AAA and had them bring me some gas (a free service for AAA Plus members).  They poured the gas in, but my car wouldn't start.  It would crank and crank and crank, but wouldn't catch.  The tow truck driver stuck his head under the car and said he could not hear the gas pump, so I guess it burned out when I ran out of gas.  Feh.  I got a tow to the nearest Chevy dealer and called my SO to come pick me up.

I won't know for sure what the problem is until tomorrow.  Hopefully the pump just needs priming or there's a clogged fuel filter, something cheap and easy to fix.
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