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Writer's Block: Finders keepers?

If you found a $100 at the library, would you pocket it or turn it in? What about at a diner or pub? Confess!
If there was some way to determine who lost the money, I'd return it. Otherwise there's little point in turning it in to someone who'd just as likely pocket it themselves.


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Sep. 11th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
Pennies from Heaven, as far as I'm concerned. I actually was fortunate enough to find $100 hidden inside a book at a book-exchange! You may have seen them; usually a small bookshelf in a corner somewhere, with a little donation box suggesting perhaps 50-cents for a book, or something. Usually full of trashy romance novels.

In any case, someone must have hidden two brand-new $50 bills in the book, and then forgotten about them. Happy Day for me! You also hear stories about people finding insane sums of $$$ in old coats or other clothes that they bought at a Thrift Store. Well, bonus for me, I'd say! If I found $30k in an old coat that I bought for $10, I might make a charitable donation somewhere, but I'll be keeping most of it for myself, thankyewverymuch! :)

In my defense, I should also say that if I found something identifiable, such as a wallet or credit-card, I'd track down the owner. I have done just that, in fact. Returning a lady's "wallet" that I found on my bus wound up getting me a newspaper article, and a letter from the Mayor! Tracking down the owner of a credit-card that I found resulted in a very relieved and happy Senior Citizen, who absolutely insisted on giving me a small reward. But yeah, if it was just cash, no way of knowing where it was from - it's mine!

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