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That Furvey Thang...

Stolen from xydexx  who stole it from rigelkitty who stole it from cargoweasel who stole it from normanrafferty who stole it from terminotaur...1

1. Fur name: Captain Packrat
2. RL name: Troy D. Packrat
3. Other names: Captain
4. When is calling your fur name allowed?: Anytime
5. When is calling your RL name allowed?: Anytime

6. From the scale of 1 (stick figures) to 10 (Michaelangelo) how well do you draw?: 3
7. Have you commissioned artwork before?: Yes
8. Has anyone commissioned you for art before?: No
9. Done an art trade?: Yes
10. Generally, is your art collection G-rated, XXX-rated or in between?: G - XXX 
11. Prefer realistic or cartoons?: Both
12. Fave furry artists: Way too many to list
13. Fave non-furry artists: Art Frahm, among others.

14. First furry you met on-line: Someone on FurryMUCK.   That was about 8 years ago....
15. First furry you met IRL: Either Tygger or Michele Light (ComicCon 1996)
16. Last furry you met IRL: ?
17. Most recent friend: ?

18. Gone to a furmeet: Yes
19. First furmeet: Furry Party at Comic Con International - San Diego 1996
20. Last furmeet: Furry Party at Comic Con International - San Diego 2004
21. Been to a Furcon before?: Yes.
22. First Con?: Confurence 8
23. Last Con?: Further Confusion 2004
24. Prefer large or small cons?: Medium   Too large (like CCI-SD) and everything gets lost.  Too small and there isn't enough to do.
25. Con you want to go to soon: I'd love to attend any furry con, but the next one I will be at will be Further Confusion 2005

26. Would you wear a fursuit?: Yes
27. At a Furcon?: Yes
28. At a scifi, anime, or comic con?: Yes
29. At an in-house fur meet?: Yes
30. At other large fur meets (ie Fur-B-Que)?: Yes
31. During Halloween?: Yes
32. Elsewhere?: Maybe
33. Wear ears, tail or paws?: Yes
32. At a Furcon?: Yes
33. At a scifi, anime, or comic con?: Maybe
34. At an in-house furmeet?: Yes
35. During Halloween?: Yes
36. Elsewhere?: Probably not

Sex Life
37. Gay, straight or bi?: Bi
38. Sexually active?: Meh
39. Willing to do it in a fursuit?: Meh
40. Prefer monogamous relationship or lots of sex partners?: Monogamous.
41. Like your pets that much?: No animals in the house!

42. Like DDR?: No.
43. Music you listen to: Pretty much anything except country, opera or hip-hop.
44. Hate Bush?: Bush both sucks AND blows!
45. Like firearms?: .30-06 Springfield is my favorite!
46. Travel frequently?: Is once a year considered frequent?
47. Are there any question(s) you'd like to add to this survey?: No.
48. How long have you been into the fandom?: Since June 1995
50. What one thing would you change in the fandom if you could? Bigger!  Recruit more furries!
51. In which of the following "spheres" are you most active as a furry--Mucks, IRC, instant messaging, VCL, RL or snailmail art trades, oekaki, blogs, cons, local friends, other?: FurryMUCK.  I'm also a dealer at cons.
52. Do you have a furry-related webpage? (URL?): Captain Packrat's Fur Central

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