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M-M-M-M-Monster Kill!

It's been pretty chilly out the past week or so, but today it jumped into the 70s and the bugs suddenly came out with a vengeance.  So far I've killed at least 87 132 flies inside the house.  Eighty-Seven!!!  One Hundred Thirty Two!!!!! WTF?  There's also a few dozen ladybugs inside as well.

The bugs hang around outside the doors and as soon as someone opens one, they come pouring in like a dam burst.  The sticky fly strips on the porch are totally covered; I guess I need to put up some more.

Fortunately temps are supposed to drop to near freezing tonight, so hopefully that, plus my skillful use of the flyswatter, will take care of the problem.

At least it's not grasshoppers.  My roommate who's lived here for quite a few years tells me one year the grasshoppers were so bad, they started eating the metal window screens!  I think I'll take 87 flies over millions of metal-chomping locusts, thank you.

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