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Walking the... goats?

The goats were following me around when I took the dogs for a walk, so I tried hooking a leash to the collar of the braver of the two goats, Josephine.  I figured I didn't need to leash her sister Buttercup since the two are inseparable.  Josephine didn't like it at first, but after a few minutes (and a bunch of animal crackers) she got used to it and let me lead her around.  Once we got outside the fence, though, she didn't want to follow anymore; just like a dog, she wanted to stop and smell (and taste) every little thing that was new to her.  We only got a few yards outside the fence, then I brought them back inside.  I didn't want to overstress her the first time she was on a leash.  I unhooked her then fed her the rest of the animal crackers.

I need a longer leash, though.  Six feet isn't long enough for a goat.

I could probably take them outside without the leash, since they usually follow me around everywhere (especially if I have treats), but I don't want to take any chances.  They're so small, they could get lost so very easily.
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