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Holiday time

For dinner today, I made a turkey breast (a full turkey is just too much food), corn, green beans and carrots, sweet potato fries, cranberry sauce (made with whole cranberries) and a spring mix salad. Then we watched 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

Then I started setting up the Christmas tree. This is the first tree we've had in quite a few years and the first one that I've ever decorated myself. I bought a 7-1/2 foot artificial tree, which unfortunately turned out to be slightly too tall for the living room; I had to leave off the lighted star that I bought for the top. All the lights are LED, and while most of the ornaments are fairly generic (balls and snowflakes and such), I also bought a handful of special ornaments representing myself and my roommates.

I ended up spending so much on the tree and decorations that I won't be able to buy any Christmas presents this year. :-P

I just hope the dogs don't end up eating, whizzing on or otherwise destroying the tree.

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