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Well fed sheep & goats

Bought 1/4 ton of animal feed today. Sounds like a lot, but it really isn't; hopefully it will be enough to get us through the winter. I had a coupon for Tractor Supply so I got 10% off. Yay.

We had on hand 150 pounds of alfalfa cubes, 50 pounds of alfalfa pellets, about 45 pounds of crystallized molasses and a few pounds of cracked corn and oats. Today I bought another 200 pounds of alfalfa pellets, 50 pounds of Dumor Sheep feed, 50 pounds of 10% sweet feed, 100 pounds of scratch feed (cracked corn, oats and sorghum), 80 pounds of beet pulp, and 18 pounds of goat protein mix.

I wish we'd bought some alfalfa bales, but it's really hard to find square bales around here; most of the farmers who raise alfalfa make giant thousand-pound round bales like these:

We don't really have any place to store bales that large and nothing that can move them around.
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