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Avatar, bad Mexican food and truffles

Drove all the way to Council Bluffs this morning to watch Avatar in IMAX 3D.  My thoughts on the movie?  Beautiful.  Colorful.   Realistic and believable feline aliens.   Lots of side boob.  The story was utterly predicable.  It's a human-invader-tries-to-fit-in-with-aliens movie, how many permutations are actually possible?  Not many, obviously.   But it was still enjoyable to watch.

3D has improved dramatically since the days of blue-and-red glasses, but I still have yet to see anyone match the excellent 3D effects of Captain EO.  Avatar's 3D was decent, but the credits made me feel like my eyeballs were being turned inside out.  At least I didn't end up with a headache like I got with UP in 3D (Avatar used simple polarized lenses, UP used LCD shutter glasses).

After the movie, we managed to find the Alvarados in Council Bluffs.  The one I used to go to in Bellevue had closed down a year ago, as did the authentic Mexican place in Plattsmouth, and I'd been craving "authentic" Mexican fast food.  Boy was I disappointed.  I ordered a #2, like I always do.  In every authentic Mexican fast food joint, the #2 combo is 2 beef tacos, refried beans and rice.  Most places use some kind of shredded beef in a corn tortilla, but this place used ordinary ground beef, weakly spiced, in a fried flour tortilla.  And the tortilla was so stale I had to gnaw through one of the tacos.  The beans and rice weren't all that great either.  About the only part of the meal that was any good was the jamaica.  Taco Hell would have been better.  :-P

Went to Costco and did some shopping.  Picked up a 17 ounce box of Gavarny Belgian Truffles for less than $5.  They're really good, a nice rich, creamy and smooth chocolate.  Also picked up a big box of mint fudge cookies for under $5.  They're similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints, but richer in flavor.  And they're a lot cheaper.

EDIT:  I see that LJ is having trouble with the Rich Text editor.
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