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There is so much snow and it's all starting to melt at once that the little waterfall in the creek just south of here is absolutely roaring.

The snow has melted enough that we've been able to let the sheep and goats out of the barn.  The goats have lost a bit of their tameness, but they're quickly remembering that I'm the good guy.  I'm going to need to retrain them to dance on their hind legs for treats.  The ram is more affectionate than ever; he's absolutely just the sweetest thing now.

There's still over a foot of snow on my side of the garage.  That area is shaded by the woods, so it'll probably be weeks before I can use my car again.  It's been trapped in the garage since December!

I'm even beginning to see traces of green in the grass.  It'll be nice to have the sheep back on grass instead of feeding them expensive alfalfa.



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Mar. 8th, 2010 03:00 am (UTC)
We've had two days in the 50's and there's no snow left in the yard at all. Muddy. I throw the ball for li'l lightning and she brings back all sorts of dirt and whatnot on her (jump jump jump).
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