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Spring must be around some other corner

So much for any hope of getting my car out of the garage.

Yesterday, most of the snow had melted.  The only remaining snow was some of the giant drifts, and even those were rapidly shrinking into nothingness.  The driveway was extremely muddy and I could see some considerable erosion in the neighbor's cornfields.  The grass was just beginning to turn green again and the sheep were tentatively grazing.

This morning, however, I was greeted with a sea of white.  It started raining yesterday evening and turned to snow overnight.  It's a very wet, sticky snow so there's no drifting.  Some of the flakes are enormous, more like snowballs than snowflakes.  It looks like we got about 1-1/2 to 2 inches so far and it's still coming down.

The forecast calls for snow from now through Saturday.  They claim there will be little or no accumulation, but that's what they originally said about today.
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