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One of THOSE days....

I broke the cardinal rule of computers, "If it works, don't touch it!"

My boss asked about using the wireless LAN on his laptop. The craptastic Linksys router we bought 6 months ago had barely been working for the past 5 months, it's built-in AP dead as a doornail.

I decided to check to see if there was an updated fireware for it that might fix the flakiness problem. But first I needed to know what the installed firmware version was. I couldn't get into the router's configuation page, so I powercycled it.

That was it's deathknell. It would work for about 15 seconds, then everyone's Internet connection blacked out.

Fortunately, a coworker was having a baby shower at that exact moment, so I was able to run off to Fry's (DAMN STUPID SLOW DRIVERS!) and buy a replacement Netgear.

Only to discover that when they say "VPN Passthrough" on the box, they actually mean "VPN? HA! You pay $50 for OUR VPN client!" (I was only able to get the VPN passthrough to work on the Linksys by haxxoring the config file)

So now I'm looking into OpenVPN, or any other setup that doesn't require funky GRE protocols or anything.
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