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Nong Shim Japanese-style Udon Noodle Soup

I picked up a box of Nong Shim Udon Soup at Costco for $12.79 for 6 surprisingly large bowls.  That comes to about $2.13 per bowl, significantly more expensive than the 66 cent per bowl Nissin Bowl Noodles that Costco also sells.

Each bowl contains three packets.  There's a large pouch containing pliable, "fresh" udon noodles; this isn't your typical hard, dried ramen brick.  There's also a liquid soup packet (no powdered soup here!) and a foil packet labeled "flake".  There's also a plastic lid with holes along the edge.  These will come into play later.

The preparation instructions are a bit unusual, if you're accustomed to making instant ramen.  First you open the noodle pouch and add them to the bowl, then you fill it with boiling water, cover and wait 2 minutes.  Then you drain off the water through the holes in the lid.  Finally you add the contents of the soup and flake packets, add more boiling water, cover and wait another minute.

This stuff is totally unlike any cup or bowl noodle I've ever had.  The broth is dark brown and quite rich, very slightly sweet, with the flavor of soy sauce and just a wee hint of fish.  Unlike the other Nong Shim products I've had in the past, this soup isn't spicy.  The noodles are firm and slightly chewy and are nearly restaurant quality.  They tasted fresh.  The soup is full of huge pieces of wheat dumplings, green onion, seaweed, krab and red pepper.  There's also quite a lot of it; it was quite filling for me, and I'm usually a big eater.

At more than $2 a bowl, it costs a lot more than ramen, but you've never seen ramen or even canned soup that looked (or tasted) anywhere as good as this.  You'd swear this was takeout from a Japanese restaurant.
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