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Week in review

When I moved out here from California, I packed all my stuff into a PODS container.  My intention was to have the thing shipped out whenever I'd settled down.  Well, various events kept occurring every time I thought about the container and it ended up sitting in a warehouse in California for nearly 4 years.  I finally got around to doing something about it.   I don't have enough room for all my stuff here, so I rented a storage room in town.  It's a fraction of the cost of the PODS container and I'll have easy access to my things.

The container arrived Monday and my SO and I spent most of the day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday moving stuff into the storage room or back to the house.  It's rather interesting going through all the boxes; it's kind of like a treasure hunt, except I'm finding stuff I that's already mine.

Monday evening my roommate handed me a credit card bill that he'd picked up from the mailbox and forgotten to give me...  3 weeks ago....  I was a week late on paying the bill so I got hit with a $39 late fee.  Ouch.  I paid the bill, then I did a double take.  I don't use that particular card very often and the bill was for over $600.  I looked through it and discovered a charge of $500 from Paypal.  I checked my account online and discovered another charge from Paypal for $350.  I immediately called the bank and spoke to their fraud department.  As I was on the line, they told me that another charge had just come in from Paypal for $500.  They canceled my card and will be sending me a new one.  I also called Paypal and got the run around from their phone system.  It won't let you go directly to the operator, you have to enter your account number.  They don't seem to understand that not everybody has a Paypal account.  The first operator I talked to hung up on my after I wouldn't give an account number; the second operator I just demanded to speak to the fraud department.  I also got a copy of my credit report and set up a fraud alert.

Tuesday I went to the sheriff's office and filed a police report, though it's unlikely anything will come of it.  But with a case number, I can now apply for a 7 year fraud alert on my credit report.

Thursday was spent trying to organize things.  I brought too much stuff to the house so some of it will have to go back to the storage room, at least until I can get things moved around and get some shelves put up.

Today we went grocery shopping and about a mile away from returning home, my SO's car had a blowout.  At least the weather was decent, not too hot, not too cold, and the ground was dry, and it was on a rural road that's very rarely traveled.  Still kinda sucks to change a tire on a dirt road, though.  Just a mile or so further and I could have gotten my car, returned to the storage room and gotten my professional 3-ton car jack and hoisted the car with just a few pumps instead of relying on the flimsy and slow emergency jack.  Fortunately it turned out the tire that blew out was actually the full-service spare; the tire that was supposed to be mounted was in the trunk.  They'd apparently been switched back in December when one of the tires went flat and was taken in for repair.  I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.
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