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I had a corm, but I harvested it

The corn harvest has finally ended.  Last year's corn, that is.  There was so much rain last fall that harvest was delayed until December and then near record snowfalls kept the farmers out of the fields until late March.  Apparently losses to wildlife and mold were quite low.  The USDA estimates the 2009 US corn crop to be 13.15 billion bushels.  That's enough corn to cover the island of Manhattan to a depth of 26 feet (7.9 meters)!

The farmers around here have already started planting this year's crops.  Our neighbor was out in the field well after dark.  The lights from his tractor shining through the woods near the house was kind of eerie.

This year the fields around the house will be soybeans.  I like corn years better, since the corn makes a very effective privacy fence.
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