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And at the end you repeat the words "Screw Flanders" over and over again.

I was in town a bit early this morning so I went to Subway and tried their new breakfast sandwich.  You can get a small English muffin-sized sandwich or you can get one made with any of their six inch breads.  I tried a six inch Western egg and cheese on Italian bread.  You have your choice of eggs with or without yolks; the sandwich also comes with ham, green bell peppers, onion and your choice of cheese.  It costs $3.00 for the six inch, not much more expensive than their $5 foot long deal.

Disappointing.  The sandwich was absolutely flavorless.  I suppose it's partly my fault, I should have chosen pepperjack instead of American cheese, and I could have added chipotle sauce or chosen some weird bread, but McDonalds and Burger King don't do that with their ham, egg and cheese sandwiches and they have a lot more flavor.

The eggs were like sponges.  I don't mean light and airy, I mean soggy and full of water.  I tried squeezing them and water dripped out.  Yuck.  They were pre-fab disks and even though I had the sandwiches toasted, they were still cold in the middle.  Bleah.

If it's breakfast and you're at Subway, stick to the $5 foot longs and avoid the breakfast sandwiches.
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