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They come to Waikiki to see his opu swing.

Now here's an obscure album.  The Adventures of Coconut Willie and Pukahead, the Magic Menehune by Jack de Mello.  It's a children's record from 1972.  My aunt and uncle bought it when they lived in Hawaii and they made me a copy of it on cassette.  The original album is long gone, but I still have that tape.  I finally got around to ripping it.  The quality isn't that great and the levels are a bit funky at times, but it's still listenable. The album is about Coconut Willie, a Hawaiian beach bum and his friend Pukahead ("puka" is Hawaiian for "empty"), a magic menehune (something like a Hawaiian leprechaun).  They have various adventures, like trying to figure out who stole Mrs. Oyster Rockerfeller's pearls, or solving the mystery of the Spooky Kooky Hawaiian Raindrops. It was written for kids, but adults will enjoy it as well.  It's vaguely furry, as many of the characters are animals (e.g. oysters, fish, turtles, a penguin, a whale).  The album uses a lot of Hawaiian slang, like "opu" (oh-poo, "stomach"), "pupule" (poo-poo-lay, "crazy") and "wiki-wiki" ("quick"), but it's easy enough to figure out. The whole thing is about 47 Megs. http://captainpackrat.com/Misc/Sounds/Coconut_Willie_and_Pukahead.zip


Jun. 7th, 2014 12:45 am (UTC)
My Hawaiian Aunt got this for my brother (named Willie) when we were kids in about 1974. We loved it! Thanks for sharing it! Brings back memories!