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Attention California Voters!

Appearing on the June 8th ballot will be Proposition 16, the New Two-Thirds Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers Act.  If passed, it will require a 2/3 voter approval before city or county governments can provide electricity to new customers or establish a community choice electricity program using public funds.  Only a simple majority (50%+1) is necessary to pass this law.

The name of the campaign committee sponsoring the measure is "Californians to Protect Our Right to Vote", but in reality, it's being pushed by Pacific Gas & Electric.  PG&E has spent over $41 MILLION to try to get this law passed.

If this law passes, PG&E will effectively establish a stranglehold over the electric market in California.  2/3 majorities are extremely difficult to obtain, so it would be nearly impossible for a city or county to offer an alternative to PG&E's monopoly.

While PG&E is free to throw as much of their customer's money as they wish into the campaign, those who would be hurt by the new law, city and county governments, are prohibited from spending taxpayer funds to oppose the law, so PG&E's ads have been running pretty much unopposed.

PG&E reported a profit of $1.22 billion last year.  If Prop 16 passes, there will be little to stop them from raising rates and raking in even more of your money.  Without it, local governments are free to offer alternatives, which cuts into PG&E's bottom line.

Don't let PG&E shareholder's dictate state law. Vote NO on Prop 16.
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