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Flood warnings remain in effect for many streams and rivers in
eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa through Monday morning.

Rivers and streams that are flooding include...

Record flooding along the Elkhorn river from Ewing to Neligh and
Norfolk downstream through Waterloo. The river appears to be
cresting at both Ewing and Neligh. The Norfolk crest has been raised
to near 14.5 by Tuesday evening.

The North Fork of the Elkhorn river at Pierce continues to crest.

The Maple Creek at Nickerson continues to flood. Much of Dodge
County has water problems with water over several roads.

The Loup river and Shell Creek in Platte County remain flooded.

The Platte River from around Columbus downstream to North Bend
through Louisville and its confluence with the Missouri River will
continue to flood.

The Missouri River downstream from its confluence with the Platte
River to Rulo will continue to gradually rise.

Ponca creek in Knox County continues to fall.

A Flash Flood Warning continues for Cedar River in southwest Boone
County. Ericson dam failure occurred Sunday night in Wheeler County
and this water moved into Greeley County. As of 11 am... water was
flowing over the top of the dam at Spalding but was holding most of
the water. A Flash Flood Warning was issued downstream of this for
southwest Boone County. Law enforcement reports that the Cedar Creek
has slowly gone up 2 feet at Cedar Rapids since 4 am.

The Nishnabotna at Hamburg... the east Nishnabotna at Red Oak and the
west Nishnabotna at Randolph in southwest Iowa are around flood

In addition... smaller tributaries of the above mentioned creeks and
rivers are either running high or are backed up because of high
flows of the larger waterways.
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