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Hoisted with their own petard?

Closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a.k.a. the Prop 8 trial, were June 16th, though the judge has not indicated how long he will take to reach his decision.  From everything I've read, the defendant's position was extremely weak, offering just two (rather poor) witnesses to the plaintiff's 17.

Whatever the outcome, the case will almost certainly be brought before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and then likely to the United States Supreme Court.

If the plaintiffs in the case manage to win their appeals, it seems to me that this would establish a legal precedent, nationwide if it goes to the Supreme Court, or at least in the 9th Circuit (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Guam and the Northern Marianas), possibly overturning gay marriage statutes already on the books in other states.

Could the Mormons, in their zeal to pass Prop 8, have actually brought about the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide?
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